Nice To Meet You

Hi guys! My name is Oakley. My humans just adopted me from the pound 3 days ago! My mom thought it would be fun if I shared my first year with others I order to help others out with training and maybe to get a good laugh out of the naughty mistakes I might make!
I am a mixed puppy with soft brown fur and green “glass” eyes. The nice people that took care of me before my humans came and got me thinks my “real mom” was a Shepard/Husky mix and my “real dad” is kind of unknown. Which is just fine with my dad now. He says I am a very handsome boy. 🙂
I’ve been living in my new house for 3 days now. I have lots of space and so many toys and get this… I even have an older brother!! His name is Cashton & I’m already driving him crazy!
Dad & Mom said that I better be careful because in a few weeks I may be twice as big as my big brother! I have ginormous paws, so chances are that I am going to be a monster puppy.
So far my life is pretty easy. I’m learning that I can’t pee all over my parents nice hardwood floors, crying at 2am because I wanna play isn’t always the best idea, and chewing on everything including my moms phone gets me In a little trouble!
I’m so cute though, my parents like to forgive me and snuggle.
Last night was a toughie, I was up all night crying because I didn’t want to be in my kennel. So dad snuck me out and let my curl up by him. I sleep so much better when I’m cuddled up close to my parents or brother. I have been eating really good! My parents buy me Blue Buffalo and its delicious. Mmmm. But I have also been doing not so good with pottying. In the house, outside the house, and on the house… I don’t discriminate. I love to pee anywhere and everywhere!
Maybe you have some good tips for my mom or dad? Words of encouragement? I know my dad was really frustrated with me last night, he would take me out & then is come right back in and pee in front of him.
I’m kind of a stinker!
Ill be writing probably more later. Please tell your friends, furry and non furry and send me pictures of other puppies! I would love some new friends! And find me on Facebook soon!
Barks and Kisses!!!
-Oakley Bear



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