So far…

This morning I decided to wake up at 1am and cry as loud as I could… wanna know why?! Because last night when I passed out cold my mean old human parents moved me into the kennel. Like I belong in a kennel???? NO WAY!

So I decided to give them a peice of my mind.

Howling, squeaking, and screaming like a banshee is a good way to wake them up, I learned.

In the end, my daddy got me outside and then I got to go into the bed!! Silly parents. But they know that I sleep better when I’m snuggled up by them and my new brother.


Speaking of my brother, he is great! He is a Shih-Pom mix breed that is only 7 1/2 pounds! I already weigh 10, if that tells you how big of a boy I am going to be. His name is Cashton Tank. My first day ever being at home Cash and I didn’t get along so well. I really just wanted to play but Cash was a little jealous of the attention that mommy and daddy had to give me.

Mom says he’s affected by little man and only child syndrom.


This morning already I have taken 2 naps and ripped open one innocent bunny toy. I also got caught trying to poop on my mom’s hardwood living room floor. Lucky for her, she caught me! She yelled really loud and scooped me up. That was fine with me because then I got to go play in the snow!



My mom was wondering if anyone out there knows any tricks so I stop pottying in the house so much? She told me I should just listen to her but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. 🙂

Well, it feels like another nap coming on!

Barks & Kisses!


-Oakley Bear


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