Today when my daddy got home…

I love my daddy. He’s awesome. 

My daddy took me on a walk when he got home from work today. And it’s quite the story so I thought I should share with all my friends! 

First of all, in Minnesota (where I live) there is snow on the ground. And I love it! My paws always get soaking wet and leave really pretty pawprints when I come inside. So when daddy got my leash today I knew it was going to be a fun one! 

We went around the neighborhood and a very scary neighborhood dog bully came out and started to bark at me. I wasn’t too keen on that. Luckily my brother (Cashton, the 7.5 pound Shih-Pom) came and rescued me! You should’ve seen it! He stared right at that bully till he went away! What a great big brother! 

Then I got myself all tangled up in daddy’s legs. I know daddy likes me to walk on a certain side but there was just way too much exploring to do so I had to zig and zag around to see and smell all that I wanted to. It was awesome, even if daddy tripped once or twice. 

Then on top of that, I got inside my nice warm house and tinkled on the floor! It was my thank you present to my daddy for taking me on such a nice walk. 

My mommy says that it’s lucky I’m so cute. 

Barks & Kisses! 

-Oakley Bear 


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