Mommy is tired…

I have been a crazy busy boy!

Yesterday, my mommy went to work at 12:20 and my daddy comes home at about 2:30.  So I am never home alone that long.

My mommy wanted to be nice and leave me out of my kennel because I did such a good job the other day. Well, yesterday I decided that I didn’t want them to come home and be bored! How nice of me!

I pooped on my mommy’s pile of clean clothes, chewed through the cord for my dad’s really expensive stereo, and peed on my brother. It was so much fun!

Today mommy told me that I will be back in the kennel. She says it’s because I have way to much fun when I’m out of it.

There will also be pictures of me later today but mommy left her iPhone out in her car over night and it is dead :/ So pictures will come later.


I also have been a busy boy just this morning!

Mommy wanted to try sleeping in, the first time since they’ve had me.

Bad idea, mom.

I gave my brother another bald spot, that just means he doesn’t need hair cuts any more right? Now all that money that is spent on him means more treats for me!

I also learned a new trick! I now can jump on the couch by myself! No naps are safe any more!

I got kicked off the couch though. Mommy said that she knew I wanted attention but sitting on  her face 4 times wasn’t the way to do it.

So after she thought sitting on her face wasn’t a good idea, I had to find something else to do to get her out of her sleep!

So I saw her hair in a bun on top of her head.

And I attacked.

Jumped right up on the couch, stepped on  my mom’s face with my sharp little puppy claws, put her hair striaght in my mouth, and PULLED!

I pulled my mommy right out of her sleep! It was great! I am going to have to try and remember this trick.


Then my little morning of jokes weren’t over!

Mommy with her aching scalp took me outside. I love outside! I love it! I love it!

But I get really, really, really excited!

Mommy was talking to the neighbor lady and my brother wanted to be left alone so I had to find someone, or something to play with. Wanna know what looked good???

Mommy’s pants.


Mom loves to sleep in daddy’s comfy pajama pants. But the thing is that my mommy is a very little person & daddy’s pants are a little too big.


So I ran full speed, jumped, and grabbed ahold of those yummy pants right behind her knee and I tugged!

My whole neighborhood got to see my mommy in her neon orange zebra print undies!

It was so funny! The neighbor lady laughed so hard she choked on her coffee! Mommy’s face was really red. But I know she still loves me. How can she not? I’ve got the smoulder.


Barks and Kisses!!!

-Oakley Bear


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