Vet Results.

Vet Results.

Today at the vet I met Doug. He’s awesome. My brother’s been going to him for 2 years now and we both really like him.
Dr. Doug said that maybe the reason I keep dribbling pee all over my parents floor is because I might have a puppy bladder infection :/
But that’s okay because now I am on some antibiotics and should be fine in about 10 days! So maybe now I can start on some serious potty training.
I also got a booster shot which didn’t hurt one bit because Doug is awesome and made sure I was super distracting with the delicious treats that I kept getting from the pretty lady nurses (who loved me and my smolder!)
I am 8 weeks old today and I weigh 14.7 pounds! I already weigh twice as much as my brother and he’s full grown.
Dr. Doug took at look at my puppy paws and said there is a VERY good chance that I am going to be 80-90-100 pounds when I am a big boy!
That makes daddy super excited because this means he’ll have a huge buddy to wrestle and go roller blading with.
Cash and mommy don’t know how they feels about me going to be such a big boy.
Mommy’s going to miss being able to pick me up and cuddle so easy and Cash is going to miss having a fair partner to wrestle and play with.
Dr. Doug and all his lady nurses kept cooing over my pretty green eyes and my little curl in my tail. Dr. Doug thinks that my breed is very interesting and thinks Mommy and Daddy should do a DNA test on me to find out a more accurate idea of what exactly I am.
At the pound my dog mommy was a very pretty Shepard/Husky mix but my daddy isn’t very well known. Mommy and daddy are mulling over the DNA testing. Has anyone had it done?
They want to know if it’s worth it or not.
Well enjoy this picture of my enormous paw and have a great night!
Barks & kisses!


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