What a crazy day…

What a crazy day...

Oh my goodness. We’ve has a busy night.
Mommy woke up REALLY early in the morning, even before me, and did not feel good. She was covered in an icky red rash and her fingers were very very swollen. Daddy was very worried. Then her fingers started turning blue!!
Daddy had to take mommy to the ER where the Doctors had to cut all of mommy’s rings off. They said she had an allergic reaction. Luckily mommy is okay!! And it worked out great for me because then mommy got to be home with me all day. I have to be careful where I give my kisses but otherwise it’s been nice to relax all day with her. She said I’m her healing magic. 🙂
Other then that Daddy signed me up for my obedience classes that will be starting in April. Mommy and Daddy are VERY nervous however because this is the kind of classes that they’re thinking of would mean that I have to go to my trainers for 2 months..
Mommy and Daddy are not for sure if they want to do this or not. Luckily, the trainers they looked at are really close to our house. But still…
I don’t know what to think! Being around a lot of puppies all day would be so fun and I would love to show off my skills and tricks. But at the same time I don’t know if I can be away from my mommy and daddy for so long!!! I don’t know what to do.
All this heavy thinking is making me super sleepy!
I am going to go curl up in my pillow and watch the football game.
Barks and Kisses!


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