Valentine’s Day Date!

Valentine's Day Date!

Hey Ladies & Gents!
Okay guys ready for this?! I need a Valentine’s Day date! I don’t want to spend the 14th all lonely and broken hearted. So I am looking for one lucky lady (or guy, I don’t discriminate) doggy to be my special date in for Feburary 14th!!

-Doesn’t matter what age, breed, sex, size, or weight. I love all my doggy friends!

-It would be awesome if my date lived in Minnesota because that’s where I am. But if you’re not from Minnesota, please still enter! Instead of meeting in person we will have a Skype date, which will be just as fun!

-All I want is a short “dating profile”, a picture, and why you think you’d be my perfect date. You can send this info to my email at

-Be creative! And enter whoever you want! Doesn’t have to be your own personal dog, can be a family dog, or a friends dog as long as you have permission!

-If my date is from Minnesota and we are going to meet in person, please be updated on your shots like I am! We don’t want to give each other any yuckiness.

Dating Profile

Name: Oakley Bear

Age: 8 months

Hobbies: Running, jumping, playing tug, chewing on rawhide, cuddling with Mommy & Daddy, and goofing around with my brother.

Intrests: Long walks in the snow, rolling in the nice gooey mud, and all kinds of puppies and people.

Fur Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Favorite Food: PIZZA!

Why I Think I Would Be Your Perfect Date: Well, I am very good looking (just being honest!), I am really fun and spunky! I also am a very gracious gentleman. My momma raised me right and I will sweep you off your feet. I love to give presents and lots of kisses!

I think you would have such a good time with me and I hope you send me your profile so we can either meet in person or Skype on Feburary 14th. 🙂 Barks and Kisses!

Can’t wait to hear from all of you!




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