Bio: Hi! My name is Oakley Bear, but also known as Oak & Oak-a-lee-Dok-a-lee. I was only born 5 weeks ago. My mom says I have a very strong character and that she thinks I'm so funny that she wants to share me with other people! Please feel free to send me pictures of other puppies as I love to lick the computer screen when I see other dogs! Enjoy this year long story as I go through potty training (YEAH RIGHT!), obdience classes (more puppies!), and get into lots of adventures with my big brother Cashton (2 year old, 7 1/2 pound Shih-Pom) and drive our loving parents crazy! Barks & Kisses! Favorite color: Green, like the grass I love to eat. Favorite food: So far I'll do anything for frozen pizza. Favorite Song: Who Let the Dogs Out, of course. Favorite Show: I love to lick the TV when Roseanne comes on at 4 in the morning and my mom is watching becuase I woke her up to play.

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