Sorry I’ve been off…

I haven’t been feeling the best in world and Mommy and Daddy have been sick.

So tomorrow I am back to my normal blogging. And pictures will be up too!

Barks & kisses!



Hi guys!

Hope your day is going as good as mine! My mommy didn’t have to work today so we’ve been spending all day playing and napping! It’s been great!

Today I got to meet a whole bunch of little kids that walked by my house! They are from a daycare in town and they LOVED me. What can I say? I love me too!

Last night I had some troubles in my kennel. I really don’t like being away from my mommy & daddy all night and I let them know about it. I cry and cry and cry and scream and scream and scream. Daddy gets really frusterated and mommy covers her ears with the pillow. Last night mommy had to go get a stuffed horse toy that’s about my size to make me feel better. It worked a little bit.

Then this morning when daddy had to wake up early to go to work I got to crawl into bed with mommy for a little bit but it was short lived after I got excited and stepped on her face with my puppy claws and got her hair stuck in my sharp little puppy teeth.

But I wanted to play and she wanted to do that boring sleep thing! Silly mommy!

I’ve been taking my medicine like such a good boy and mommy hopes it helps with my little peeing problem that I have. What can I say? My parents constantly soaking their socks in my pee is REALLY funny to me and my brother.

Speaking of my brother, we’ve been getting into alot of adventures today!

Yesterday, my daddy gave my brother a nice bath. He had been smelling funky after having me bite on him and pee on him all the time. He smelled just like fresh laundry sheets and mommy combed his hair till it was nice and soft and fluffy.

So this morning I decided it was my civic duty to make him dirty again.

All the snow is melting in our yard which means one thing… MUD!

So this morning when mommy let us out to play in the sunshine I decided it would be such a good idea to push my brother right into the biggest mud puddle I could find. Not only did I push him into it but then I jumped on top of him and completely squished his face in it!

So long pretty white and good smelling fur.

Mommy had to clean up brother and her kitchen and me.

Totally worth it.

Well, time to take a quick nap before more adventures!

Barks and Kisses!!

Today when my daddy got home…

I love my daddy. He’s awesome. 

My daddy took me on a walk when he got home from work today. And it’s quite the story so I thought I should share with all my friends! 

First of all, in Minnesota (where I live) there is snow on the ground. And I love it! My paws always get soaking wet and leave really pretty pawprints when I come inside. So when daddy got my leash today I knew it was going to be a fun one! 

We went around the neighborhood and a very scary neighborhood dog bully came out and started to bark at me. I wasn’t too keen on that. Luckily my brother (Cashton, the 7.5 pound Shih-Pom) came and rescued me! You should’ve seen it! He stared right at that bully till he went away! What a great big brother! 

Then I got myself all tangled up in daddy’s legs. I know daddy likes me to walk on a certain side but there was just way too much exploring to do so I had to zig and zag around to see and smell all that I wanted to. It was awesome, even if daddy tripped once or twice. 

Then on top of that, I got inside my nice warm house and tinkled on the floor! It was my thank you present to my daddy for taking me on such a nice walk. 

My mommy says that it’s lucky I’m so cute. 

Barks & Kisses! 

-Oakley Bear