I almost got away with it.

This morning started great! I woke my mommy up at 3:30 because I had to go potty so bad! So when she let me out I peed right on the front step. Well being that it was 3:30 in the morning mommy didnt check outside to see where I pottied so my pee froze over into a large yellow spot on the concrete. And then my daddy slipped on it. Silly human parents! Watch where you walk!

So then after i got a good laugh at daddy for sleeping on my frozen pee puddle. I came inside and tormented my big brother. By tormented I don’t mean play nice either. I took his pretty cream and brown fur in my sharp little baby teeth and ripped a little bald spot on his back. I think it just adds some character.  🙂 Mommy wasn’t too happy since she pays $50 to get my brother groomed because he has special fur. But she had to laugh a little bit.

So after I gave my brother a haircut I then proceded  into the living room where I lovingly peed and pooped on my mommy’s blanket that I pulled onto the floor. She has had the blanket since the day she was born and I decided that I didn’t like it so much. Haha. Luckily, mommy just has to wash it and it’ll be fine.

Then mommy made a big mistake.

Mommy went to the bathroom and shut the door so I couldn’t keep her company like I like too.

When she came out I was caught redhanded chewing on my daddy’s computer cords. The computer cords that arn’t even a year old and belong to the 2000 dollar computer on the desk. Uh oh.

Mommy just keeps telling me I’m lucky I’m cute!

Barks & Kisses!

-Oakley Bear

Today when my daddy got home…

I love my daddy. He’s awesome. 

My daddy took me on a walk when he got home from work today. And it’s quite the story so I thought I should share with all my friends! 

First of all, in Minnesota (where I live) there is snow on the ground. And I love it! My paws always get soaking wet and leave really pretty pawprints when I come inside. So when daddy got my leash today I knew it was going to be a fun one! 

We went around the neighborhood and a very scary neighborhood dog bully came out and started to bark at me. I wasn’t too keen on that. Luckily my brother (Cashton, the 7.5 pound Shih-Pom) came and rescued me! You should’ve seen it! He stared right at that bully till he went away! What a great big brother! 

Then I got myself all tangled up in daddy’s legs. I know daddy likes me to walk on a certain side but there was just way too much exploring to do so I had to zig and zag around to see and smell all that I wanted to. It was awesome, even if daddy tripped once or twice. 

Then on top of that, I got inside my nice warm house and tinkled on the floor! It was my thank you present to my daddy for taking me on such a nice walk. 

My mommy says that it’s lucky I’m so cute. 

Barks & Kisses! 

-Oakley Bear 

I am very naughty…

I was so good being home and not in my kennel today! So I decided to act up when mommy and daddy got home! Yay me!!

I decided to pee in the living room. Which mommy lovingly cleaned up. Not a big deal, right? 


For some reason in my cute little brain that meant that 10 minutes after that accident I should go in the kitchen and pee all over the ugly green linoleum (mommy doesn’t blame me because that floor really is ugly) but I know I shouldn’t be peeing on it! So then I continued my little trail of terror into… the living room again!!!! 

I am not quite used to getting scolded too often because I showed off a new trick to my parents!! I showed them how good I am at pouting. I sat in a corner like naughty little kid and pouting. Well mom and dad, I am a baby! 

My daddy and mommy are in for a lot of adventure because I have so many more tricks up my sleeve!! 

Barks & Kisses! 



Mommy’s Note: Oakley was so mad at being scolded that he wouldn’t even let me take the picture of him pouting. He didn’t want to look at me. The stinker 😛