Hi guys!

Hope your day is going as good as mine! My mommy didn’t have to work today so we’ve been spending all day playing and napping! It’s been great!

Today I got to meet a whole bunch of little kids that walked by my house! They are from a daycare in town and they LOVED me. What can I say? I love me too!

Last night I had some troubles in my kennel. I really don’t like being away from my mommy & daddy all night and I let them know about it. I cry and cry and cry and scream and scream and scream. Daddy gets really frusterated and mommy covers her ears with the pillow. Last night mommy had to go get a stuffed horse toy that’s about my size to make me feel better. It worked a little bit.

Then this morning when daddy had to wake up early to go to work I got to crawl into bed with mommy for a little bit but it was short lived after I got excited and stepped on her face with my puppy claws and got her hair stuck in my sharp little puppy teeth.

But I wanted to play and she wanted to do that boring sleep thing! Silly mommy!

I’ve been taking my medicine like such a good boy and mommy hopes it helps with my little peeing problem that I have. What can I say? My parents constantly soaking their socks in my pee is REALLY funny to me and my brother.

Speaking of my brother, we’ve been getting into alot of adventures today!

Yesterday, my daddy gave my brother a nice bath. He had been smelling funky after having me bite on him and pee on him all the time. He smelled just like fresh laundry sheets and mommy combed his hair till it was nice and soft and fluffy.

So this morning I decided it was my civic duty to make him dirty again.

All the snow is melting in our yard which means one thing… MUD!

So this morning when mommy let us out to play in the sunshine I decided it would be such a good idea to push my brother right into the biggest mud puddle I could find. Not only did I push him into it but then I jumped on top of him and completely squished his face in it!

So long pretty white and good smelling fur.

Mommy had to clean up brother and her kitchen and me.

Totally worth it.

Well, time to take a quick nap before more adventures!

Barks and Kisses!!


I almost got away with it.

This morning started great! I woke my mommy up at 3:30 because I had to go potty so bad! So when she let me out I peed right on the front step. Well being that it was 3:30 in the morning mommy didnt check outside to see where I pottied so my pee froze over into a large yellow spot on the concrete. And then my daddy slipped on it. Silly human parents! Watch where you walk!

So then after i got a good laugh at daddy for sleeping on my frozen pee puddle. I came inside and tormented my big brother. By tormented I don’t mean play nice either. I took his pretty cream and brown fur in my sharp little baby teeth and ripped a little bald spot on his back. I think it just adds some character.  🙂 Mommy wasn’t too happy since she pays $50 to get my brother groomed because he has special fur. But she had to laugh a little bit.

So after I gave my brother a haircut I then proceded  into the living room where I lovingly peed and pooped on my mommy’s blanket that I pulled onto the floor. She has had the blanket since the day she was born and I decided that I didn’t like it so much. Haha. Luckily, mommy just has to wash it and it’ll be fine.

Then mommy made a big mistake.

Mommy went to the bathroom and shut the door so I couldn’t keep her company like I like too.

When she came out I was caught redhanded chewing on my daddy’s computer cords. The computer cords that arn’t even a year old and belong to the 2000 dollar computer on the desk. Uh oh.

Mommy just keeps telling me I’m lucky I’m cute!

Barks & Kisses!

-Oakley Bear

I am very naughty…

I was so good being home and not in my kennel today! So I decided to act up when mommy and daddy got home! Yay me!!

I decided to pee in the living room. Which mommy lovingly cleaned up. Not a big deal, right? 


For some reason in my cute little brain that meant that 10 minutes after that accident I should go in the kitchen and pee all over the ugly green linoleum (mommy doesn’t blame me because that floor really is ugly) but I know I shouldn’t be peeing on it! So then I continued my little trail of terror into… the living room again!!!! 

I am not quite used to getting scolded too often because I showed off a new trick to my parents!! I showed them how good I am at pouting. I sat in a corner like naughty little kid and pouting. Well mom and dad, I am a baby! 

My daddy and mommy are in for a lot of adventure because I have so many more tricks up my sleeve!! 

Barks & Kisses! 



Mommy’s Note: Oakley was so mad at being scolded that he wouldn’t even let me take the picture of him pouting. He didn’t want to look at me. The stinker 😛